The most significant moment for us as Indians is being celebrated today. As flags get hoisted around the country, I sit here in Bengaluru thinking about the significance of freedom and the various things it means to us, including the ability to make choices for ourselves and the opening of minds to new possibilities. The […]

The story of Bengaluru’s bandstands in an ideal landscape.

I saw a magnificent bull standing nonchalantly in busy Taramandalpete the other day. While such sights are fundamental to our urban streetscape, my overseas visitors were delighted at this unexpected opportunity to photograph local transport. I couldn’t help reflecting on the significance. Despite name changes, rusty signboards here continue to call the area Taramandalpete and remind […]

There are many miles that separate Bengaluru from Haifa. But our citys connection to this distant Mediterranean port town is that of the spirit. It is where Mysorean cavalrymen earned honours during WWI. The town also became a final resting place for those who died there. These men on horseback were the inheritors of an […]

The fruit `mandi’ or market near Fun World on Jayamahal Palace Road is where one usually scrambles around for prized mangoes in the late summer. Vendors set up tents and literally squat here all through the season.But it continues to show off some seasonal flavour or the other through the year, albeit on a smaller […]

Remembering the women from England who came out to make a home in India as far back as the 17th century. The post box at my gate seems to be filled only with marketing pamphlets these days. As I tossed them into the bin, one caught my eye. It announced the onset of the wedding season […]

Right opposite the Kantheerava Stadium is a painted temple arch tucked between the busy Mallaya Hospital and the swank five star ITC Gardenia hotel. It leads into a secluded square plot where old tamarind trees cast shadows over a modest temple.  “Long ago, this area was just forested land near the Sampige kere (lake)” says the […]

Everytime I go looking for people and places from Bengaluru’s past, I end up joining a few dots and sorting out some puzzles and missing pieces in city history. But sometimes, there are more dots than one can imagine.I’ve driven past this building for ever so long and always wondered about it, and so it came about that finally one afternoon, […]