The much coveted Sugar Bowl at Koshy's.

I’m going to get you a Koshy’s special fried egg sandwich!” says P Oommen Koshy (aka Prem) and disappears into the kitchen. While I wait, I smile at familiar faces, chat with those who stop by and recognise regulars who, like me, have cut their milk teeth in Parade Café (Koshy’s Restaurant) on St.Mark’s Road. […]

Bowring Hospital old wing

A mosquito whined past me yesterday and I remembered childhood days in Bengaluru when windows were shut as early as mid-afternoon to keep out this winged menace. Doors had wire mesh frames and the garden was fumigated regularly. The precautions were valid. Malarial fever had taken lives across India for centuries. It was also widely believed […]

Mir Humza Hussain, portrait.Image courtesy: Nagineh Hussain Rizvi

“My grandfather, Mushir –ul-Mulk Mir Humza Hussain was appointed Chairman of the Reception Committee when Gandhiji visited Bengaluru in 1927” says Mir Sajjad Hussain with quiet pride. “However, when Gandhiji alighted on the station platform, he found my grandfather missing. He enquired about his absence. He was told that my grandfather was advised bed rest […]

Hi folks on the cloud, I wanted to share some work we’ve been doing and the good news is its going to be up and ready next week! The project looks at different aspects of traditional Bengaluru, what they mean to us and how they play a part in our identification of ourselves as Bengalureans. In this […]

Image from "Picturesque Bangalore" published by The Times Press, Bombay. Photographs taken by C H Doveton.

“The traffic park at the intersection of Lavelle Road and St.Mark’s Road used to be called the Indian Children’s Park” a friend told me one sunny morning while we were sitting at the Bowring Institute. “A story from my childhood says that when non-British civilians were denied entry into the posh Cantonment clubs at the time, […]


No stone or page has been left unturned while writing about the city of Bengaluru and the achievements of its founding fathers, both medieval and modern. But as we celebrated womanhood on Sunday, I got to thinking about Bengaluru’s feminine forces and the influence they exerted on the city through the centuries. What I discovered […]


A frail man in a loin cloth stepped out of a train at Yeshwanthapur Railway Station on April 20th, 1927. He walked slowly to where arrangements had been made for community prayers on the station platform with the waiting crowd.  He then proceeded to Nandi Hills, on the advice of his personal physician Dr. Jivaraj […]

Park 4

Just when we thought our mild winter was over, once again, there’s a lovely chill in the air. It’s a good enough reason for us Bengalureans to unpack our earmuffs and monkey caps and sun ourselves in our garden (if we have one). Those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have natural frontage, head […]


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