>Buri nazarwale


The Evil Eye or ” Nazar ” is an intrinsic part of Indian culture. We are very superstious about it. Anyone can put `nazar’, its quite simple. Here’s how to go about it. First you need to have an evil intention in your heart and a smile of fake delight on your face. While you congratulate them for their good fortune, inside you’re just wondering how they managed it and you didn’t. Then you gush ” oh, you are so lucky… he’s so sweet, what a lovely baby… my, my, you have done well for yourself, haven’t you ? ” and so on. Concentrated efforts in this direction will soon turn the evil eye in the direction of the hapless victim. They and things, will soon take a turn..for the worse. Last step, gloat. If it’s heading in your direction, then, there are complex rituals you have to go through to ward it off ! From kaali murghis, to kaala tikkas, muttered prayers to burning broomsticks and spitting ( thoo ! ) to `pagh ghas’ …
The masks in this picture are obligingly sold on our streets quite freely, and are meant for warding off `nazar’ upon your new home, especially when under construction and left unattended. Buy one, fix it to an auspicious corner of your terrace, and watch the evil eyes roll right past the gate.

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  1. >i have a Turkish evil eye- a nice big and absolutely beautiful one.

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