>On a street in Bangalore


Ok, so on a sunny morning in South India, chances are, you might be standing at the Hindu Military Hotel in Bangalore, while a sacred bull ambles past nonchalantly, wading through traffic, bells tinkling to announce his passage. While on the street, you can indulge in some staples no decent South Indian can live without- coconuts and Rasthali bananas. I grew up in Bangalore with the `banana lady’ who used to walk down our street, basket on her head, shouting ” Rasthaaaaaaleeee” as she passed our gate. She knew everyone at home, and would chat while she weighed out the bananas for us. Every traditional South Indian meal usually ends with a banana to aid digestion. The ubiquitious coconut is grated into almost every South Indian dish, it’s a great thirst quencher in summer and wonderful for upset stomachs. Hygienic to the core. Some coconuts have only water, but most also have extremely soft, sweet pulp which is great to eat. Am now on the look out for another summer staple, tatalingoes.Only someone who has lived in Bangalore will know what I’m talking about.” Taaaatalingo ! ”


  1. this post just rekindled the sweet memories of namma bengaluru. thatilingu…oh boy slurrp slurrp !

  2. There was this ‘theory’ that these ‘nungus’ came in by the Brindavan Express ( along with the Madras Mallipoo). So,we would sit waiting for the chap to come around selling them.. if you remember they would start selling it by around 4 and go on until late evening !!

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