The great Bangalore Breakfast Specials

The world is divided into two types of people. Those who dismiss a proper breakfast and are happy with only cereal or muesli each morning and those who take it very, very seriously. They argue intensely about the mandatory fluffiness for the perfect scrambled eggs, where to buy good sausages, how toasted a toast should really be, the CRISP index to evaluate a good `dosa‘, the ISO specifications for idli batter and all the quality tests filter coffee must go through before it can be officially called `authentic South Indian’.

The famous ghee soaked VB dosa

Bangalore has a breakfast tradition unrivalled by any other city in India. All die hard Bangaloreans have a favourite breakfast place (usually attached to locality or childhood memories)  and they will fight tooth and nail to defend its coffee authenticity or chutney consistency if need be.  In fact, Breakfast and Tiffin are a citywide obsession. Where ever you go, whatever the time… you will be asked politely if you have had your `thindi ‘.

To pay homage to this time honoured tradition, I asked friends to suggest some iconic old Bangalore breakfast heritage sites where you can cheerfully lay on the `benne -thuppa’ to your hearts content and plough your way through the menu without a care in the world!  So here they are, a pick of our famous Bangalore Breakfast Specials, with a little help from Bangalore!


A Bangalore breakfast under the Banyan Tree

Airlines Hotel

Bangalore is truly a Ficus lovers delight and at Airlines, you get to eat breakfast sitting out in the open under one.  The only drive-in restaurant left in town, it has fond memories for all of us who grew up here.  Once upon a time, there were stainless steel trays clamped onto car windows for plates, glasses and cups to rest on. These were un-clamped when done. Today, putting glasses/ plates on the bonnet indicates that it’s all over.  I know someone who actually drove all the way home absentmindedly with the coffee glasses still on top). The coffee here is superb (large glasses to boot) and the` Dosa- Khara Bhath ‘ make sure morning walkers head straight here after due diligence at Cubbon Park.

Find it at : #4, Madras Bank Road, Bangalore. Ph : 080 22273783

Nothing like the men in uniform at Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House

The Dosas and Veg Cutlets are pretty good but the golden, buttery `Scramled eggs ‘ ( as printed on the menu) perched precariously on top of a floppy fried toast are to die for. The distressed blue walls,  Formica tables, dark wood furniture and vintage Coffee Board posters gave the original on MG Road a quaint old charm that still lingers in the corners and under the tables of the new one. Ridiculously low prices allow you to sit there for hours and eat all you want without burning a hole in your pocket.  I love the staff in their buckled uniforms and turbans. Both now have solid vintage value. They supply you with endless coffee in semi-washed coffee cups and then repeatedly thump your bill down on the table aggressively if you have overstayed during peak hour.

Find it on : Church Street, Bangalore, diagonally opposite Blossoms Book Store.

Vintage charm at Koshys


Seriously old world Bangalore, Prem’s cheery smile and refusal to `modernise’ has to be given full credit for keeping it that way. (Every now and then, he will also hand you a Mahagony seed to plant and do your bit for the city). Here, smoked out uber-intellectuals rub shoulders with collegians in what has always seemed to me a perfect 1950’s railway waiting room ambience. The Kerala Appams and Mutton Stew is why you need to amble to this iconic spot on a Sunday morning, as are the Masala Omlettes and Scrambled Eggs, tea and toast. If the walls could talk they would tell stories of creative seeds that were sown here – governments brought down,  journalistic outputs critiqued ferociously and writer’s blocks resulting in award winning plays. The vintage sugar bowls are often stolen by loving fans and one (says Prem) was even discovered in a chateau in France!

Find it on : # 39, St.Mark’s Road, Bangalore, opposite KC Das.


Brahmins  is strictly for Idli -Chutney connoisseurs

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar ,

Since 1965, this original `Coffee Bar’,  has been an old time SAE, `stand and eat ‘ joint, like it’s equivalent across town (Veena Stores).  The token system tells you it’s also self -service and this you need to achieve without being crushed by all the idli enthusiasts who gathered here religiously each morning.  It’s been renovated now, but I prefer to remember it as it once was, a little hole in the wall. They don’t serve sambar but the chutney definitely deserves the culinary equivalent of an Oscar ! It’s also a popular PTW, ` prepare-to-wait ‘ place, so go early or you’ll lose out on all the gastronomic action. In true Bangalore style, it prefers to stay closed on Sundays. Retail theories be * %^&^%$#*&  !

Find it at : Ranga Rao Road (Near Shankar Mutt), Shankarpuram, Bangalore.

Iruli Sambar and Thatte Idlis are not `by two at NMH

NMH (New Modern Hotel)

Above the Idli counter is a strict admonition that reads “ No. By Two. Service ! “ So we decided to thwart the system and make our nice strong coffee `By.Three ‘ instead.  Ha. Ha. The Vadas are crisp, the Khara Bhath just the right consistency and the Iruli Sambar arrives in not a bowl but a bucket. Now that’s what I call style. NMH (God forbid that you should call it by its full name and expose your `non-Bangaloreaness’ to all)  is clean, basic and totally rocks in V VPuram at 8 am in the morning. Ask for the speciality- Thatte Idlis.

Review : ” It’s not pokey and is fairly spacious with a nice old-feel about it. The sambar here is really special… excellent Idlis and Dosas . I love the `Do not wash your hands in tumblers ‘ board they have  on display ! “. – SPadaki

Find it at : AN Krishna Rao Road,  Near Minerva Circle, VV Puram, Bangalore.

Thats the really sweet Manager of MTR on the right.

MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms )

The first thing everyone tells you about MTR is `go early or you will never find space to sit, leave alone stand ‘.  This is indeed true. When I went at 7.30 am, there was a long line of old regulars gossiping with the manager while waiting for their tables. You must also go here on a visibly empty stomach because the temptation to overeat (while sitting on basic, no fuss steel chairs) will overtake you quite quickly. Long time breakfast favourites include the regular `Chow-Chow Bhath’, Rava Idli’s, Dosas and crisp Vadas. The crowds are a bit intimidating  as you squeeeeeze your way in and out on the narrow stairways and so is the staff who want you to quickly squeeze back out. But you cannot leave Bangalore without experiencing this iconic landmark started in 1924.

Find it on : 14, Lal Bagh Road, Bangalore, Ph : 22220022

Breakfast is a juggling act at Vidyarthi Bhavan

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Sometimes, I really can’t tell what is more intoxicating. The fragrance of tube roses and marigolds outside Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazaar, or the coffee and fresh vadas frying inside. Everyone rushes around here. People rush to tables, waiters rush to take orders and then rush to deliver them stacked one of top of each other to your tables because there’s always a crowd waiting.  Be prepared for lots of `benne’ and thuppa’ when there and do take the day off from your virtuous diet so you can really enjoy this place. Ever since it opened in 1943, the Benne Dosas and coffee have been the in-house speciality. So much so that VB was invited by our very own Neeraj Patil, Mayor of Lambeth, to set up shop in London, after his visit here !

Find it at : Gandhi Bazaar Main Road, Basavangudi, Bangalore.

Image courtesy :

USKB ( Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan )

Review : One of the first things you will notice as you enter Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan is the sign at the entrance. It says ‘1926’.  I was introduced to USKB several years ago by my Dad who used to go there as a child, with his parents and siblings. It was a sort of family tradition. Just ensure that you start with their Benne Dose. Anything else can follow :-).

I love places that focus on what’s important (in this case, being an out and out Udupi joint ) without getting distracted with all the fluff. Basic interiors. Some pictures that give you a sense of the legend that is USKB. And best of all, quick, no-nonsense service. The last time I was there the waiters all had ‘USKB’ tees, done in the style of the American college tees/ sweatshirts. I had to smile – after all, Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan IS an institution 🙂  – CPadaki

Find it at : 123/124 , Balepet Main Road, Chickpet (Near Mohan Silk & Sarees). 080-22875378


Its South Indian retro at CTR

 CTR ( Central Tiffin Rooms )

I kind of like its rounded, cream painted retro facade and location right at the corner of the street. When here, do try the Dosas which apparently beat Vidyarthi Bhavan in the intensely competitive `Times Dosa – Coffee Contest.’ ( Yes, such a thing exists ! So now you know how we value breakfast in this city ). Established in 1950, CTR makes all its specialities without onions or garlic. 

Review : ”  I love ( a) The waiters.  they’ll  let me take a couple of bondas out of a whole bucket and not one word will be uttered. They just smile! (b) The sense of belonging, no matter how many people there are (which can get to you sometimes).  (c) – the FOOD !!!! Of course! Always the same, if it tastes a little different, you can send it back and they’ll be ashamed that it came out to you like that ! – N Rao

Find it at : # 154,  7th Cross, 3rd Main, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Idlis and more at Veena Stores

Veena Stores

If you’re in North Bangalore between 6am – 11 am, and then again between 4 pm – 8 pm, on any day except Wednesday, you cannot afford to ignore this cheery little SAE ( Stand and Eat) food store right off the footpath, with a crowd gathering swiftly around it at the appointed times. It’s been around since 1977, and is known for its `Idli-Vada’ which purists believe are by far the best in town. If you don’t like to stand and eat, try taking along a portable stool and find a quiet corner on the footpath. But go prepared for a fight to the finish. It’s like a battle zone sometimes to even get to the counter to order them.

Find it at : 183, 15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore. Ph : 080 23344838

Secret formulas maintained for generations at Janata Hotel

Janata Hotel

Ever since it opened its doors to Malleswaram in 1971, Janata Hotel has been rewarded with staunch loyalists who will argue relentlessly about its merits.  These include the Dosas and Vadas that proudly display just the right shade of crisp  brown.  Its founder, H Seetharam used to run a canteen at the Linganamakki Dam till the reservoir was built and moved here thereafter. He evidently inherited more than just business secrets from his grandfather H Veerabhadra Upadye in Koteshwar, Udupi, because Janata is still extremely popular 40 years hence and constantly filled with dosa enthusiasts and hungry shoppers from the Malleswaram Market next door.

You can find it at : #27, 8th Cross, Off Margosa Road, Malleswaram. Ph : 23345609.

The sambar comes in generous proportions at NMH

To sum up why Bangaloreans can get up at insane hours and head out for breakfast while the world sleeps, here are the words of an ardent breakfast fan…

” How can I forget CTR, Janata and Veena Stores? From Mallige Idlis at one end of Margosa Road to the other for Benne Dosa of yore! Veena Stores remains a hole in the wall, Idlis, Kara bath, Pongal and a Kaapi to please all.  From a single floor, CTR expanded to the floor above. With Dosas that I simply love. One Dosa will never do, Benna Masala and Benne Plain, you simply have to take two.  Janata lies on 8th cross, If you don’t eat its dosas, it’s your loss ! Which ever one you go to, make sure you have Kaapi …. lest people call you a paapi! – SRamanathan

After that rapturous review, there’s nothing left to say except,  do a Bangalore Breakfast this weekend. You won’t be disappointed.  Victoria Hotel, RIP.

Also recommended :

Siddappa’s Mess or Ranganna’s – Sampangiram Nagar * Dwarka Bhavan, NR Colony * Raghavendra Stores, near Malleswaram Railway Station * SLV, Basavanagudi*Anywhere else you suggest except anything post 1990. Post your nominations here !


  1. Oye peoples, would be wonderful if you could leave your nominations for your favourite breakfast place in town HERE 🙂

    1. Hi Abhijit ! I completely agree with you.No matter where in the world the Dosa Diners n other franchises may all go…even pan-India, leave alone overseas, no idli or dosa truly tastes like it does back here ! Bangalore especially, is semi-fanatical about breakfast anyway 🙂 so I guess we will never think anywhere else quite matches up ! A friend of mine once said that watching the waiters juggling their 15-20 dosas in one hand and doing their multiple balancing acts makes breakfast at VBhavan like being in the midst of a grand performance ! Thanks for writing in and reading from so far away !

    2. Rahul · · Reply

      How could I miss these Traditional Breakfast & Tiffin places in Bangalore …my schedule was packed this time.. maybe nxt time I should eat here to my hearts content 🙂 the Idlis, Vadas and Dosas are delicious , MTR is a classic example, Koshys has got its own charm. Certainly appreciate the Blogger Bangaloregirl to bring out the true charm & tradition of old Bangalore a contrast to the transformation of this modern megacity. Keep the good work going…

      1. Hi Rahul, Hope you get to visit again soon and eat to your hearts content. Thanks for writing in and for your good wishes 🙂

  2. Abhijith · · Reply

    I really liked the review. I myself am a die hard fan of Vidyarthi Bhavan and go there at every opportunity I get. If there’s one thing I miss after coming to the USA, its the kickass dosas that I got to savor in Bangalore.

  3. You just pulled back the hidden ‘thindi potha’ in me :P… gud post.. Goin on a early sunday mornin breakfast rounds… Veena, CTR, Brahimns…. :P… cant wait..!!!!

    @ The dosa talk… reminds of a co worker who was from Kolkata… He once told me Bangaloreans dint know to make dosa and the ones in Kolkata was much better, crispy etc etc… Laughed, tried to explain dint work.. Said rasagulla sucks in Kolkata and Bengalies dint knw how to make milk based sweets like Rasagulla…. havent heard him talk about dosa after that 😛

    1. Hi Murali ! LOL. That was a good one ! Also try Sidappa’s in Sampangiram nagar.I wrote about that too and thought those dosas were by far the best ! Enjoy your breakfast trail and let us know here how it went !

      1. Siddesh · ·

        Hi, Try having a masala dosa at Hotel Janardhana (@Udupi Krishna Bhavan Restuarant) at shivananda circle, its crispy and yummy will find the place crowded people waiting to have sagu masala dosa hear and idly with spicy sambar and Kharabhat made with vangibath masala. Also suggest Mysore masala dosa (filled with a combo of palya and spicy sagu) in Woody’s off richmond circle – Raja ram mohan roy road.

  4. It made me really nostalgic. Took me back to the memory lane……. I remeber a small tiffin room in Jayanangar 4th block during college days, it served the best chutney and sambar I’ve had. Can’t recall the name though. Airlines served the best coffee in a large tumbler and kharabath of course. Bonda Soup was another of my favouaite served in a few Restaurants around Cunnigham Road. Most Coffee Houses in B’lore serve mouth watering Dosa’s with thick chutney (my mouth is watering as write).. I would take-away Dosa’s and Vada’s after having the fill only to enjoy the most awesome thick chutney’s : ). Now, living in Dubai I can only read and enjoy such reviews. Going to these Restaurants are in my ‘Must Do’ list when I visit B’lore next.

    It is a very good review…Keep more such ones coming please.

    1. Hi Sri, Thanks so much for your memories.So many places have been knocked down, like Udyavan on MG Road that served the most amazing `Uddin Vadas ‘ ( where does one get them nowadays ? ) as well as one place at the corner of Infantry Road whose name I forget…but your’e right, it is the chutney that makes all the difference !

  5. Thank you for this helpful post. I have been to almost all of the South Bangalore places that you mentioned. Recently shifted to the North side. So, your suggestions are just what I needed. 🙂

    1. Hi Karthik…you’re most welcome. There were many more places I couldn’t get to, though recommended, so I’m hoping you’ll dig them out in North Bangalore and let me know ! 🙂 More than the food, I wanted to capture our lazy familiarity and memories of these places, having grown up around them, stopping off on the way to college, back from cricket practise…or just hanging out with friends. Want to hold on to the Bangalore we once knew as much as possible 🙂

  6. Awesome post!Bangalore is unbeatable when it comes to “thindi”. Literally every street will have a small restaurant of sorts and most if not all of them will have bustling crowds. I miss them so much! One more awesome restaurant is SLV near BDA complex, Banashankari II stage. The chutney there is legendary 🙂

    1. Hi Karthik -II :-), Thanks so much ! Enjoyed writing it, no guesses why ! 🙂 I totally agree with you about the little idli-dosa joints here. Have mentioned SLV, Basavanagudi in my list, will add BSK -II stage too ! Am thinking now of doing one on our famous local `chai-kadais ‘ !

  7. Krishna · · Reply

    Nicely summarized “thindi” places in Bangalore … Am a big fan of USKB (another branch newly opened in Gandhi Bazaar now) .. VBhavan, well, you might sometimes get your dosa with “hittu” now-a-days … another place that reminds me in Balepet is Malabar Hotel (on the same street as the USKB) where dosas are really good.

    This one might be slightly new but Davangere Benne dose in NR Colony is another place where dosas are amazing (original Chutney and “vaggarane” less palya which is something unique), paddu’s, etc.

    1. Wow…thanks Krishna !All of us have our favourite breakfast places in Bangalore, and its really great to know who and where they are. Yes, someone also told me about Malabar Lodge, so will check that out when next in Balepet ! Thanks so much for writing in 🙂

      1. Siddesh · ·

        Hi, Try ultimate Kesari bath at Malabar made out of whole rava and a little bit of vermicelli and also green idly (mini idlies fried in spinach and Manchurian sausage) whenever you do visit Malabar an ancient hotel situated diagonally opp to Sri Krishna bhavan and Sri Venkateshwara sweey mart in Balepet.

  8. Lovely dear! Keep up the great work… I know that I will be checking back soon. Also, saw you entry about Siddappa’s mess. Wonderful to hear about it.


  9. your post made my tummy very emotional :-). it craves all those gastronomic delights you wrote about. next long weekend will see me on this trail.

  10. Lovely!

    Also, as a tip. Don’t ask for Tea at India Coffee House. They take offense to that 🙂

    1. LOL ! Never. Never. Never.

  11. Krishna Kafe at Koramangla is another place worthy of mention…..

    1. Thanks Vinay, I know they have great meals as well !

  12. Savitha · · Reply

    Great idea for a blog post! Very well written with nice pics as well. Food for thought 🙂
    Well, there’s one another place which should not be missed when talking about thindies…as the name suggests, it is “Upahara Darshini”! I think this was the first darshini type hotel and was once well known for its Shavige Bath and Kesari Bath. Now you’ll be very lucky if you get Masale Dose in the first round itself!

    1. Hi Savitha, where is it ? Would be great to check it out as well.

      1. It is on DVG Road at the end of the street away from Gandhi Bazaar. I am from Mysore and my kids just love love love Bangalore. Thanks for this list 🙂 though to be honest, we have been to all the South dosey places ;).

      2. Hi Mythri, thank you so much for writing in. Its lovely when people care enough to respond. This post was the result of a poll amongst friends to compile a list for new Bangaloreans whose exposure to the city is limited to movie theatres and Koramangala eateries. Will welcome continual inputs on old Bangalore – festivals, food, local culture and heritage, special places. Modern Bangalore has received enough attention. 🙂

  13. krishnaprasad · · Reply

    a good present for all who ;ove eating !!

    1. 🙂 thank you, from those who love writing.

  14. nikschumi · · Reply

    Simply Mind Blowing Coverage…I was a MES student…malleswaram porki to boot..CTR, Veena stores, Janata were just the right spots to hit on a student budget..not that it wud change even if i had a million bucks….I have been to all the spots mentioned..My fave is Brahmins, cant beat the Kaapi they serve..Keep writing such amazing posts


    1. Hey Nik, thanks so much..will do !

  15. Hey, very good write up!! Cheers!!

    Yep. We are a few who take eating (breakfast, lunch or dinner no matter) seriously! 😛

  16. Satish Chaudhari · · Reply

    Truly awesome post ! Am in Bangalore for past more than 15 years . . . I consider myself to be a pucca Bangalorean and a ‘healthy’ [reference is to quantitity of good food] eater and yet have missed so many of the places you have mentioned. Thanks a ton for such a lovely compilation.
    BTW, there is a small hole-in-the-wall eatery on Netkallapa circle road that serves terrific Davangere benne dosa and gunpongalu. It is a very old place . . . my friend introduced me to this joint nearly 5 years ago and the taste consistency remains . . . thankfully !
    Thanks once again for a great job . . . hopefully, we should come out with a book !
    God bless.

    1. Must visit it ! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 Yes, a book about the `other Bangalore is way overdue “… and much, much required to remind us about what this city used to be. No point in romanticising the past I suppose, but would be great to have it walk along with us into the future.:-)

  17. This post made me really nostalgic. Reading worth a Sunday’s breakfast . We all grew up having breakfast in these “adda-local, flavor-global” hotels. I really miss those days where dad used to take us to all these places on Sundays. Namma Bengalooru rocks for 100s of such simple reasons. A truly deserved applause, Bangalore girl… 🙂

    Btw, my culinary oscar vote to Janata hotel Vada..

    P.S: Dad keeps telling he really misses the evening coffee adda @ Sahyadri cafe, malleshwaram

    1. Hi Tej ! Gosh, I’m totally overwhelmed with all these responses and the many new places mentioned here ! Wow. Yes, we all have our Sunday morning special places, no ?That’s exactly what I was writing it is such a ritual for us while growing up in Bangalore. 🙂 Thank you for dropping by !

  18. SLV – near Ramakrishna ashram- back in the mid-90’s used to be my usual hangouts. I preferred this location to their other more popular one in Basavanagudi. I don’t know what the reason was…. there was always a little crowd for their yummy breakfast delights. Their chow-chow baath was heavenly….. nenisikondare baayalli neerooratthe….. the owner was a nice and kind man…. he always served with a smile. I wonder if the place is still around.

    1. Hi Kiran, it is most definitely there ! Still exists just like you said.:-)

  19. i am not from bangalore but i am from karnataka leaving in hyderabad.
    as coments goes on about thindi i have really enjoyed these thindis in almost all the places. my vote goes to janata hotel Mallesehwaram.

  20. Jizling · · Reply


    What a wonderful post! I have to say I’m guilty of being one of those new age Bangaloreans and my knowledge of eateries extend to only the popular adas of Koramangla and Garuda! ( Ok maybe a little more than that. I’m not all that shallow 😉 But would love to try out all these old places and discover the city that was. Just a quick question, are most of these places open by 6 am through out the week? Thanks again and keep em going.

    1. Jizling…most of the idli-dosa places are safely open by about 6.30 -7 am or so, but many are closed on particular days of the week – Brahmins on Sundays, Vidyarthi on Fridays, Veena stores on Wednesdays, so it would be good to call a day in advance to confirm if they are open when you want to go. Bangalore, I think, is a mental space, more than a geographical- physical one. Its a state of mind. Most of these places I write about are just that…its more of what we see in it…not what it really is 🙂 Thanks for writing in.. you `not a shallow person’ ! Lol. Welcome to the `other’ Bangalore.:-)

  21. Vivek Shah · · Reply

    my personal favourite dosa joint is “Malabar” on balepet main road, also there is this gadiwala on 10th cross malleshwaram who sells great “Thatte Idli” with red chutney and palav for breakfast. near airlines is Amruth hotel on st. marks road where you should try their idli sambar (piping hot) and their palav.

    1. Hi Vivek ! Will do ! Thanks 🙂

  22. tarantinofan · · Reply

    Hey, lovely post! I travel to Malleswaram religiously to visit CTR and Veena Stores, and to Gandhi Bazaar to visit VB and Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. A few places you should really try out, though only the first is open for breakfast:
    1. New Krishna Bhavan: Right near Malleswaram Circle (diagonally opposite Mantri Square). It serves traditional items like kotte kadubu, and things I haven’t seen elsewhere like “Mandya masala dosa”. All yummy!
    2. V V Puram Food Street: Starts with avaregalu vade and other amazing starters, moves on to akki rotis, pure straight-from-packet nandhini thuppa masala dosas, and other astounding “main course” fast foods, and ends with things like gulkand butter banana with ice cream! You get nearly everything here, from American sweet corn to “chainese” items; I always stick to the vernacular, though. I don’t think you would have not gone here. Just for the information of your readers, however. 😀
    3. Vijayanagar Food Street: Right behind the water tank. Vadas, bajjis, omelettes (the only places I have had fluffier omelettes are in the Himalayas!), fast food, dosas, akki and ragi rotis… Though much smaller than V V Puram’s Food Street, this is a personal favourite as I live two streets away from it. 🙂

    1. Hi there ! V V Puram merits a post in itself, completely agree with you on the variety it has to offer ! Haven’t been to the Vijayanagar food street yet, and really appreciate all the contributions towards finding new places. Will do the rounds of your suggestions soon ! Thanks a tonne !

      1. Kiran(kinni) · ·

        As compared to VV puram Vijayanagar Food street is smaller but i think u must give it a try… other than the omelettes( which i havent yet tried.. i will be doing it today) you must try the Samosa, Jaleebe, Pav baaji, Special bhel puri, tomato masala,hesarbele masala, pineapple masala etc etc. You need not go in search of where to find these special items.. the moment you step into the food street, the most crowded place is where u find all these.. do let me know after you visit this place 🙂

      2. will do. definitely. let us know where exactly it is in V’nagar ?

    2. Wow. So many new places to check out.I hope everyone reading this post will be tempted to visit these places as well. Thanks for the new recommendations !

      1. Varun aswathaiah · ·

        hey i am varun living in cardiff, but basically from vijaynagar, bangalore, infact was born in vijayanagar nursing home. when You go round the vijayanagar water tank to find how big is the tank m sure u gonna stop measuring it at some point. tats vijayanagar food street for you. Shetty gaadi and jilebi gaadi is a must visit. and also was wondering why there is no word about bhatrangadi, attached to malleshwaram railway station compound. well we all know VB CTR Brahmins Veena stores etc have the best recipe but they are also very expensive( i know its worth the taste). But this pity shop Bhatrangadi is as good as VB and brahmins but the rates are as low as it can get. Try dis out.

      2. Hi Varun, thanks so much for the suggestion. Will definitely check it out this weekend. As mentioned somewhere, these places were voted for by friends, which I then wrote about. Am glad everyone has introduced their favourites here so we can visit them as well.

  23. Krishna · · Reply

    M’aam, you make my mouth water with the wonderful descriptions and the pics. Your post is very well written and beautifully detailed as well. I wrote a small piece on the humble Masala Dosai in . Yours is an epic, while what I wrote is a simple essay! Only problem now is that I am separated from Bengaluru by miles and miles of sea and land.

    We have a Bengaluru group on FB and will share your post there as well as with my followers on Twitter! All of them would love to read your blog, am sure.
    Carry on! You write very well. Will definitely visit your blog more often!

    1. Thank you so much, for the kind words. Look forward to reading your post, and will post it on my aturquoisecloud page on FB as well. 🙂 I think for most native Bangaloreans, thindi does assume epic proportions in our lives, and therefore only an epic would do justice to it !

  24. Krishna · · Reply

    Thanks bangaloregirl 🙂 ! Read one more post on Kollapuri’s and, while I am strictly a herbivore, found it up to your usual high standards! Am very proud of my city as you also obviously are, and it is heartening to find such wonderful prose exploring the various facets of this beautiful city of ours.

  25. Bharat · · Reply

    Nice Post! I personally judge the quality of the thindi based on the quality of the chutney and the ‘kick’ it offers an hour after downing a couple of dosas 🙂
    Some other South Bengaluru favourites are Upahara Darshini (UD) for sinfully crispy masala dosas, Ganesh Darshan (aka Dose Camp) at Jayanagar 4th block. Recently I stumbled across this quaint little place in Hanumanthanagar (near Maruthi circle) called ‘Hotel Mangala’. Its a hole-in-the-wall kinda place that dishes out yummy ‘khaali dosa’ and masala dosa.
    Dosas apart, for authentic chole bhature, none like the ones at Karthik’s Mithaai Shoppe at Indiranagar. Available only on Sunday mornings (9-11 AM) and you need to book the day before. AWESOME chole & alu subji and virtually oil-less bhature!

  26. A post of epic coolness!

    I am a 100% paapi. After living in Malleswaram for 11 years, just last week I finally gave in to the temptation of vadas and getti chutney (only because I had it parceled) at Veena Stores. Yet to go to CTR and Janata – although Raghavendra near the Mvm Station is an old friend :-D.

    Loved this, and look forward to returning often.

    1. Hi Vidya. lol. Hope you enjoyed the Vadas !

  27. Eashwer · · Reply

    Hey, lovely post! Brings back such amazing memories and longings too! It’s the one biggest thing i miss. there is this place Cool Corner near NCB (national college, basavanagudi) that was a popular “adda” during college times. the masala dosa was fabulous. right next to UK (Upahara Kendra).

    1. Basavanagudi is still so lovely.

  28. The food served at these places could be dangerous in the long run. The amount of oil/ghee they use in the dosas is horrendous. No wonder there has been an alarming increase in diabetes and heart diesease in this country.

    1. absolutely agree with you. That is why it is so tasty. But that is also why they leave it up to to us to decide freely if we want to eat it or not.

    2. Really you think so? Or is this because the sedentary life style?

      1. Combination of factors, pavan – sedentary lifestyles, adulterated food, polluted environment, stress..who can tell…what causes what….but this is not a health blog, thank heavens ! So let’s eat, drink and be merry ! 🙂

  29. Awesome writeup!! i still have to visit few more places to complete the bangalore leg of dosa breakfast !!! :-D. Mouthwatering stuff! dieting be damned! BTW watched rocky and mayur of “highway on my plate” (from NDTV good times) visiting couple of places that you have reviewed. you can catch the show online here:

    1. wow.Thanks. will watch it right away. 🙂

      1. Everything’s OK, but i thought you are a vegan! u talking about masala omelet, scrambled egges and mutton stews??? are we seeing the other side of the bangalore girl?

      2. Aiyyo. Where did I say that ? 🙂 LOL. Am not remotely a vegan, or vegetarian. Am not a meat eater per se, but am a fishitarian !

  30. Just the mention of the names makes my mouth water…

    1. I swear. Wake me up at midnight for idli’s and I’ll be there !

  31. Bhumika · · Reply

    An awesome writeup bangaloregirl.. 🙂 I’ve visited all the places in north Bangalore that u’ve mentioned.. I lived for a couple of years in Basaveshwarnagar and there is this Davangere benne masala dose hotel somewhere near pavitra paradise.. dont remember the name though.. Its again an SAE.. or we can also get it parceled.. the gatti chutney with the thick benne filled dose is just yummy.. this ended up being our breakfast on most of the weekends 😉

    1. Like I keep saying.. its all in the can make or break a great idli or dosa, no ?

  32. Another Bangalore girl! · · Reply

    From one Bangalore girl to another 🙂 Adigas dosa from Jayanagar is my all time favourite! Please try this!

  33. jagannath egypt hi nice to read .i am from present in egypt where u will seldom get vegeterian krishna bhavan opp to mantri mall.u should eat button idli masala realy very tasty.other one udupas resturant opp to ms ramaiah college bus stop idli chatni very most of the people said blore the best place for breakfast.thans for ur efforts to bring this article.

    1. Hi Jagannath, are there any Idli-Dosa places in Egypt ?

  34. Thanks for the post and information . I need to explore some of the restaurants you have mentioned. 🙂 .. Sometimes back even i wrote on the same topic and just informally put my rating goes 😉

  35. Sandhya · · Reply

    Born and bred in Bengalooru, spent my childhood completely in South Bengalooru and the teens to adulthood in North Bengalooru, I am immensly in love with all these joints. Having moved away to the far away lands now, even in my dreams, I drool thinking of these joints. I am landing in Bangalore in the next few days with the whole and sole intention of attacking these tindi joints! yummm…..

    1. Hi, hope you have a great time here when you visit !

  36. Ashok Kumar · · Reply

    Yummmm it is… I am getting very very hungry and nostalgic. Born and grew up near Gandhi Bazaar – MTR, VB and NMH were our favourite hangouts…………Now in US of A, they make wanna visit home soon….

  37. I am hungry now!! Have not yet been to a few places on that list.. Will surely go..
    I would like to include Dwarka Bhavan & the SLV at BSK 2nd Stage in that list..

  38. Adithya Athreya · · Reply

    Hi Bangalore Girl, your post is truly a ode to the classic eating places of Bangalore.
    I have grown up in Gandhi Bazaar and I had not been to CTR till Feb 11. Eating for the first time there I was thinking that I had committed a sin in not going there earlier. Truly the dosas there are heavenly and yes definitely better then Vidyarthi Bhavan. Same case with Veena stores as well.
    But Brahmins, slv,vidyarthi bhavan is a regular hangout place.
    In Gandhi Bazaar now, there is a Udupi Krishna Bhavan. I am not sure if its the same on that you have listed and I have heard that its moved here from some other place. Anyways, the sagu dosa is brilliant there.

  39. The kaali dosa in Dwaraknath Bhavan at NR Colony is terrific. So are their crisp Rava Vadas. The other place missed out is Managala Hotel in Hanumantha Nagar. They specialize in set dosa. Very old hotel and very good taste.

    Lot of joints mentioned as good for coffee. Unfortunately after Maiyyas set up their shop in Jayanagar, they just destroyed every other coffee in one stroke. It is either Maiyyas coffee or none at all.

    1. Thanks Suresh, will visit Managala Hotel when next in that side of town.Looking forward to it. Can you tell me a few more traditional coffee places, both to drink and to buy ? Am writing an article on it.

      1. Siddesh · ·

        Hotel Chalukya in bashveshwara circle (near vidanasouda) serves amazing coffee. Also Hotel Janaradhana coffee is memorable (1970’s). The everbest i had is in Konark on residency road.

  40. Sudheendra Batni · · Reply

    How come everybody forgot about Koshy’s on Brigade road? Yes I mean Brigade Road,Bangalore. That was the time in late fifties and early sixties!! The juke box was a novelty at that time. Insert a four anna coin(I mean 4 annas!) and select your favourite one from among the 60-or was it 48?- stacked up. My favourite was “Come september” by Billy vaughn and his orchestra.Vada sambar was divine!! and so also Dosa!

    1. Thank you so much for writing in with this memory ! The above listing is based on a poll I ran recently amongst people I know and these were the top favourites that came up. We were not around when the Juke Box was but every time I meet Prem ( Koshy) at the current Koshy’s, he talks about those days and the famous Juke Box ! Am happy when stories are shared here so we can re-visit those times through each other’s eyes. Thank you so much once again. Really.

  41. Great post!… I was nodding my head in approval after each line… feels so familiar because you’ve captured the essence of all the eateries.

    1. thank you :- ) there are so many favourites across the city..

  42. ur best comment, ” Thats the really sweet Manager of MTR on the right.” lol

    1. He was ! Gave me advice on how to take the picture and from where etc…:-)

  43. Hey Bangaloregirl!!! Awesomeeeee post!!! Thank you soo much for compiling this!! Again seconding that other guy here. Thank you for waking up the tindi potha in me. Bengaluru breakfast places here I come!!!

    Btw one addition to this list – Adiga’s rava idly and their legendary tuppa. slurp slurp!!!

    1. Hi Arjun ! Enjoy your breakfast trail and have one extra idly on my behalf 🙂

  44. MTR has all along been a benchmark. Have visiteD since the time oF srI. Yagnappa.
    while one can not fault MTR on the qualiity I find they are very rude and
    discourteous . while appreciating MTR they must be Taught that customer is KIING.
    Raghavendra Rao

  45. The old India Coffee House is no longer the same, but if you want the same feel you should try the one at the coffee board HQ opposite the institute of Engineers near the Indian express signal. You can enter from the vidhana soudha direction or from Infantry road parallel to cunningham road.

    1. I know, have been there, and I agree, its still old Bangalore 🙂

  46. Reading this post and the comments really made my day! I am very particular about my masala dosa and idly/sambar. Quite frankly, I don’t like dosa and idly in most places in India and none in the USA. There are few places that compare with VB, Malabar, UKSB and MTR.

    The last time I visited MTR, I made the mistake of visiting their restroom. I doubt if I will ever go to MTR again! Food is just great but when will we ever manage to have clean restrooms and friendly service?

    1. Hi ! Completely agree with you…and also want to reinforce that leave alone the US, few places in india compare with our darshini’s ! The breakfast tradition we have here is a rare phenomena 🙂

  47. thanks for great compilation, you should actually taste masala dosa at NMH… they are crispy & nice & not very oil & we don’t feel a heavy stomach after having one or two of them…

    i made the same mistake as GG by visiting the rest room of MTR & since then i don’t even contemplate eating there…. its been more than a year… such a horrible experience…

    also, never visited Raghavendra stores near malleshwaram railway station.. have heard lot of good things……will visit shortly..

    1. Thanks Sanjay ! Remind me never to go to the rest room at MTR ! 🙂

  48. Aman Gupta · · Reply

    Wow…. I have been to just 4 out of the whole list…… well, now i have a bucket list to completely tick off… thanks so much…!

  49. Truly amazing blog. Bangaloreans are obsessed with their dosas. Personally, I like Janardhan Hotel, off race course road. Their coffee is to die for. 🙂

    Thinking about this makes me want to go back home, Now! sigh!

  50. magnificent put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the other experts of this sector don’t realize this.

    You must proceed your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a great
    readers’ base already!

  51. Awesome Job!! For me CTR is like heaven… miss those days, when we used to jog at sankey tank, and go to CTR for masala dosa… one thing for sure at CTR is… “No one can eat just one (Masala Dosa)” 🙂

    My friend sent me this post saying, Nodoppa NRI (though I am not one), plan to eat during your next visit to India… he just signed up for trouble, as he will have to take me there now ;), including the ones in the comments 🙂

    Thanks for the post bangaloregirl!!

  52. Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or guest authoring on other websites?
    I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.

    I know my subscribers would value your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for writing in. Will mail you for more details 🙂

  53. Useful write-up.
    You always prepare the best topics & The great Bangalore Breakfast Specials | a turquoise cloud is absolutely no exception.

  54. what about suggestions for lunch, dinner and snacks, deserts as well? my friends and i are plannig for a ‘eat all you can’ trip where we want to take bikes, roaming around B’lore in search of great food….

  55. There’s a reason why Matt Preston says “Nanage ondu masala dosa beku” in his quaint accent. Nobody, and I mean nobody makes doses like Bangaloreans. Best ever. Bar none 🙂 Also, Maiyas seems to be missing from this list so wanted to bring that to your attention. The one in Jayanagar is legendary 🙂

  56. There’s a reason why Matt Preston says “Nanage ondu masala dosa beku” in his quaint accent when it came to talking about dosas in India. Nobody, and I mean nobody makes doses like Bangaloreans. Best ever. Bar none 🙂 Also, Maiyas seems to be missing from this list so wanted to bring that to your attention. The one in Jayanagar is legendary 🙂

  57. My wife and I watch Masterchef Australia. One of the promos had Matt Preston saying “Nanage ondu masala dose beku” in his quaint accent. Then there was a graphic which connected Australia to Bangalore with dots. That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? 🙂 Nobody makes better dosas than folks in Karnataka (and Bangalore represents Karnataka in one sense). Bar none.

    Also, Mysore’s unique Mylari dose has entered Bangalore apparently. I’ve heard there is a place in Banashankari or Basavanagudi that makes some good Mylari dose. Need to check it out sometime 🙂

    1. Its on DVG Road, tucked away in a little corner 🙂 Regarding Maiyya’s, I am sure Bangaloreans can create an EXHAUSTIVE list of great places to eat at…tough choices based on area and speciality.So we decided to put up some easy to access ones based on popular vote. Hope the comments will create the extensive recommendation list suggested by Bangaloreans themselves.First hand references!!!Agree with you that the best dosas are in Bangalore!

  58. Maiya’s (jayanagar 4th block) DOSA has climbed up to #1 in my list… their AKKI ROTI is really special.. MTR was preparing AKKI ROTI during evening, now they just serve during LUNCH on tuesdays..

    1. Hi Sanjay, thanks for writing in your suggestion! Super for anyone who would like to head here.

  59. Great post overall. Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room deserves a mention. Check it out when you can 🙂

    1. Hey Sandeep, I have actually and it is also wonderful! Love the fact that you all recommend your favourites here so the list can grow.

  60. Amazing list from old Bangalore. The newcomers to Bangalore who settle down in so-called new Bangalore- Whitefield, Ring Road & beyond – are only familiar with multi-cuisine Andhra or Punjabi restaurants.

  61. Ballal Residency – it’s a must for us when we visit Bangalore every year, to have one scrumptious breakfast there. Tried MTR this year, but the crispiness of Ballal’s dosas will remain unmatched.

  62. Thanks a tonne! Quick note for readers-Ballal’s is fairly new and not an old Bangalore establishment but the South Indian breakfast here is very good!

  63. Sudhakar.S · · Reply

    All the above mentioned places are no doubt the best, we can still add a few like Hotel Samrat (Chalakyua) near Sophia’s school, Highgrounds and Komala Refreshments in Frazer Town Opp to Indian Gymkhana Club. It caters the north Bangalore .😊😊

    1. That’s very true, Sudhakar! We used to go for Dosa breakfast to Chalukya as children, and now we have work meetings at Komala!!! I just put out a list of iconic eateries that came up in a common vote. Look forward to everyone’s individual suggestions in the comments, so visitors to the city and those of us exploring other areas in the Ooru will know where to go directly! Thanks, again!

  64. Awesome post…. Adds a few places to visit for my weekly breakfast trip every saturday after the walk in Lalbagh!
    Would like to add a place called – South Thindies on Kanakapura road, close to Krishnarao park in Basavanagudi. Among the best dosas I have had…

    1. Thanks a tonne for your recommendation, Satish!!! Will make sure to stop by when I’m that side of town!

  65. Hey guru, I used a picture for a slogan on face book. I hope you are ok with that. No commerce involved.

    1. Would have appreciated you asking first rather than just informing, and adding a link as reference.

      1. ok will remove it. No issues. Thanks. Pics were good anyway.

      2. Hey, no problem with you using it, no need to take it off.Many of the pictures on the blog are taken by a colleague, so will also need to check with him.Therefore need to know when and where and what context and credits or links in a personal mail to the id provided would be much appreciated.

      3. ok its done. got it off.

  66. Satyanandan · · Reply

    Good review. Personally, I love the Masala Dosa at ICH, Church St. the most; the mashed potato stuffing is unique.

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