ATC on the Huffington Post

And ATC makes it to the Huffington Post!

“Food has certainly moved from the private sphere to more public conversations, allowing up-and-coming individuals and group to display refinement, knowledge, and connoisseurship through their culinary choices. Inevitably the numbers of those who fancy themselves as experts has grown exponentially. However, there are some who write about food, travel, culture, and tradition seriously and accurately. Among my favorites, Aliyeh Rizvi on A Turquoise Cloud, Suman Bolar on the FTB Blog. and Suresh Hinduja on GourmetIndia. ” Fabio Parasecoli

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Thank you all for reading, for supporting the cloud, for sharing with friends, for contributing to this little archive of city stories. Can’t do it without you. Indebted.A special thank you to this city whose myriad local food cultures never cease to inspire me.







  1. Manjit Bagri · · Reply

    Balle Balle !!

  2. That’s a Whoa!! Way to go 😀 😀

  3. 🙂 coz of you guys who read!

  4. Ian Rush · · Reply

    What next? Life magazine or Time Magazine?

    1. Well, Nat-Geo is also happening, Ian, so LIFE would be good, I guess.

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