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Hi folks on the cloud,
I wanted to share some work we’ve been doing and the good news is its going to be up and ready next week! The project looks at different aspects of traditional Bengaluru, what they mean to us and how they play a part in our identification of ourselves as Bengalureans. In this rapidly changing city, what is it that you hold on to or use as a context to call yourself a Bengalurean?
Therefore, please do share a memory/story( in not more than 150 words) about why you consider yourself a Bengalurean and what you connect with in the city (anyone of the following themes) to call yourself one. The themes are loosely grouped into:
Place-public and private spaces, parks and natural heritage
People: Cultures and communities
Food and Drink
Customs and Traditions,Street festivals and commemorative events.
It would be wonderful to hear back from you before Friday, June 5th if possible. Please do share this with anyone you know who might be interested in contributing? Will be posting an invitation to the event up here soon. Hope to read your story there.
Please send us your story at: with your full name and occupation so we can credit you accordingly. Thanks so much in advance.

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