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Password “Tipoo Sahib”- I

The men slipped through the shadows like wraiths. The silent Bangalore Pete (pay-tay) offered no resistance at that late hour. A quick knock and then they were locked in a tight huddle. The plan was outlined in whispers by Hyder Ali Khan, a button-maker who called himself Nawab. It was simple but bold. At the stroke […]

>The Tiger comes to town

> Summer is upon us now and there is no better time than this to visit the cool, ventilated “Rashq -e-Jannat ( Envy of Heaven) Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, aka `The Tiger of Mysore’ in Chamrajpet on Albert Victor Road. The beautiful Saracenic palace is over 200 years old and built almost entirely of […]

>Preserving the magic of cinema

> Welcome, all ye film buffs On March 14th, 1931, the first Indian `talkie’ `Alam Ara’ was released in Mumbai. Crowds thronged the theatre, eager to be a part of history in the making. Tickets were apparently sold in `black’ at hugely inflated prices. ( Four anna tickets were sold at Rs.4 and 5/- ). Police `bandobast’ […]