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Flowers for Kamakshi

There’s a Goddess stuck on 10th Street in Jogupalaya. Her `poo palakki’ (flower palanquin) is a little larger than the narrow street so she’s in a bit of a fix. Its already 4 am and despite being up all night, there is much to do before before she makes it to the ancient Someshwara Temple nearby. Like […]

Kadlekai Parishe -There’s a village in my backyard

It was a full moon night. Darkness had fallen and the lamps in the village had spluttered out long ago. Tired farmers slept deeply, weary from day long labour in the fields. The big bull pawed the ground impatiently. He gathered speed as he moved and crashed through the fields, destroying the harvest in his […]

Guest Photographer Series II – Pete People

Walking down Avenue Road in the Bengaluru Pete with Pradyumna Roy and friends. The Pete (pronounced Pay-tay) area is a complex warren of shops, narrow streets, crooked gullies and irrational layouts. If you don’t know your way around, it can be very easy to get lost here indefinitely. The local population however, wander about with […]

Madras Bank Road – Small road, big changes

The best time to take a walk down the old Madras Bank Road is on a Sunday afternoon at 3.30 pm. The roads are mercifully free of traffic today and the sun sprinkles everything with gold while an adolescent breeze plays tag with fallen leaves. I pass by the India Garage building at the corner that now hosts swank showrooms for shiny new cars. It is a legacy […]

Gandhi Bazaar – A feast for the senses

Summer has just left April in favour of May. In her suitcase were also packed a thunder shower or two, some streaks of lightning, a bag of hailstones and a daily dose of drizzles to wash the city clean. Everything looks fresh, damp and green. I love this particular green.  It is the colour of young leaves. Peas in a […]

>A walk down Avenue Road

> The ancient Anjaneya Temple It is difficult not to notice the ancient temple right at the beginning  of Avenue Road near the Mysore Bank Circle.  And yet thousands of people probably ride past it each day, not knowing that it is called the Yelahanka Gate Anjaneyaswamy Temple, said to have been built over one of the […]

>Dharmaja Koil Street


>Beauties from a bygone era

> Kannun Villa on Veerapillai Street This is Kannun Villa. I have no clue when it was built or who owned it but it haunts me day and night with its beauty. Though it stands ravaged by time, I like imagining it as it might have been. After the early morning bath, pooja lamps and […]