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The Past in the Present-introducing the Native in the Place

THE PAST IN THE PRESENT’. 27th JULY, 2014. A breakfast-lecture series.

Boarding time, 1911

Two boys whack a table tennis ball across a shiny red oxide floor right above the Karur Vysya Bank on Avenue Road. Dharmaprakasha Sri SV Sreenivasa Setty watches them from a portrait on the wall. He wears the Ganda Berunda, a bejewelled two-headed eagle, the symbol of the Mysore Maharajas that is now the official state […]

Rukmini Hall-The call of the peacock

The first time I saw a hand woven, pure silk Molakalmuru sari, I could almost see the peacocks dance on the pallu and border. After obsessing over it for a few weeks, I decided to track it down in Bangalore’s busy silk market- Chickpet. Plan B was to hotfoot it to the weaving centres in Molakalmuru […]

Seethaphone Company- A long playing record

I travelled through time when Srinivasa Murthy cranked up his vintage HMV suitcase gramophone one balmy Friday afternoon. As P. Kalinga Rao (accompanied by Mohankumari) began to sing `Baraiyya Beledingale’,  the dusty room spun at 78rpm and came to rest in another century. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru began a fervent speech and I was in 1962. […]

Lost in Wonderland

I run a finger down the rusty iron blade to the heavy silver hilt with the fierce lion Yali and flex my wrist. Centuries ago, other hands would have held it too. Perhaps even run it through someone. As I get lost in fanciful imagination, Mr. D.G Balaji says casually “It is a 17th century Mysore […]

Guest Photographer Series II – Pete People

Walking down Avenue Road in the Bengaluru Pete with Pradyumna Roy and friends. The Pete (pronounced Pay-tay) area is a complex warren of shops, narrow streets, crooked gullies and irrational layouts. If you don’t know your way around, it can be very easy to get lost here indefinitely. The local population however, wander about with […]