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Making Space For Freedom-Sites of Significance

The most significant moment for us as Indians is being celebrated today. As flags get hoisted around the country, I sit here in Bengaluru thinking about the significance of freedom and the various things it means to us, including the ability to make choices for ourselves and the opening of minds to new possibilities. The […]

Password “Tipoo Sahib”-II

(A continuation of the account of the Bangalore Mutiny, 1832) According to the court martial ┬áreport Mohammed Yacoob, private, Shaikh Ahmed, private, Horse Artillery, Yacoob Khan, private, Horse Artillery, Shaikh Jaffer, private, 48th N.I, Honoor Khan, private, 9th N.I, Shaikh Mohammed, private, Horse Artillery were to be shot to death by musketry. These sentences were […]