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Making Space For Freedom-Sites of Significance

The most significant moment for us as Indians is being celebrated today. As flags get hoisted around the country, I sit here in Bengaluru thinking about the significance of freedom and the various things it means to us, including the ability to make choices for ourselves and the opening of minds to new possibilities. The […]

A Fiery Spirit-Khilafatwale Hajee Osman Sait

I was standing outside the swank automobile showrooms in India Garage the other day, watching excited owners roll out onto St Marks Road in their ribbon wrapped cars. Many of them swung into the petrol bunk here, to fill up their first full tank. Ironically, the petrol bunk outside this graceful building was where around 1920, […]

Madras Bank Road – Small road, big changes

The best time to take a walk down the old Madras Bank Road is on a Sunday afternoon at 3.30 pm. The roads are mercifully free of traffic today and the sun sprinkles everything with gold while an adolescent breeze plays tag with fallen leaves. I pass by the India Garage building at the corner that now hosts swank showrooms for shiny new cars. It is a legacy […]