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Tea House of a January Moon

A tea house is a tea house even if you call it a Salon de The,  a `Chaykhana’, an `Ochaya’ , a `Teehaus’  or a `Chalou’.  The point is that tea remains a great unifier, an all consuming pastime for almost anyone, anywhere across the globe. After the errant tea leaf fell into the Emperor […]

>Preserving the magic of cinema

> Welcome, all ye film buffs On March 14th, 1931, the first Indian `talkie’ `Alam Ara’ was released in Mumbai. Crowds thronged the theatre, eager to be a part of history in the making. Tickets were apparently sold in `black’ at hugely inflated prices. ( Four anna tickets were sold at Rs.4 and 5/- ). Police `bandobast’ […]

>Beauties from a bygone era

> Kannun Villa on Veerapillai Street This is Kannun Villa. I have no clue when it was built or who owned it but it haunts me day and night with its beauty. Though it stands ravaged by time, I like imagining it as it might have been. After the early morning bath, pooja lamps and […]

>On Veerapillai Street

> To sit, to talk, perchance to gossip Like various other communities who migrated from their country or town of origin to settle in and appropriate parts of Bangalore as their own, the Mudaliars also carved a niche for themselves in Ulsoor and the  Cantonment areas bordering Blackpalli ( Shivajinagar). If you walk down Car Street in Ulsoor […]

>Narain Pillai Street, a cross cultural hotspot

If you prefer the charms of the `gullies’ to that of the high street, then turn right near the top end of Commercial Street onto Jeweller’s Street where jewellery enthusiasts go for silver nose pins, anklets, ear studs and the traditional wire piercing. But there are other jewels hidden within this rabbit warren of lanes […]

>Solace in the time of plague

The Oriental Rat Flea that caused all the trouble, it is said, hopped onto the train that had left Bombay and passed through Hubli en route to Bangalore. It settled unnoticed on the body of the Railway Superintendant’s unsuspecting butler. By the time the train chugged into Bangalore City station on August 12, 1898, the […]

>Standing in Russell Square

> A fusion of styles Standing in Russell Square is not easy. You have to fight for every square inch of space you occupy. In addition, the horns are deafening, the cross yelling between traders endless, and the `look where you’re going or you’ll step into rotten vegetable goo ” caution you have to constantly […]

>From Russell Market to Quadrant Road

> The Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacy  If you happen to be at Shivaji Circle on a week day, do step in to the Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacy on Meenakshi Kovil Street. As I stood there looking at it, my mind walked back to childhood days when our noses were held hostage by the common cold. My father […]