I came upon the jazz piece `On a Turquoise Cloud ‘ by Duke Ellington and it spoke to me of journeys –  both geographical and emotional, often fluid and non- linear. We set out, retrace, come back to where one started and begin again often. We are always travellers in motion. So A Turquoise Cloud is about my travelling through the alternative Bangalore, the real Bangalore that goes beyond and has always been much more than just malls and movie theatres. The Bangalore only Bangaloreans know and love fiercely. A city you will know well only if you care to walk. The blog attempts to archive Bangalore’s culturescapes – local history,  rituals and traditions,  physical spaces, food, customs and people… take out of it what you will. Welcome to the cloud.

Aliyeh Rizvi

Stay in touch with ATC : on Facebook. Contact me at : aturquoisecloud@gmail.com

* All images, other than those given appropriate courtesy are mine or friends. Even though they will never win any photography award, I would still request that my permission be asked before using them.


  1. Like the amount of research gone into bringing out this post..eye opener for people who think Bangalore lacks history unlike other big cities like Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad etc.:)

  2. poornima travelling · · Reply

    Loved the name aliyeh! please do let me know how i can contribute to this/.. i loved the whole concept!

    1. Hey Poo, welcome ! Do contribute where ever and whenever !

  3. Hi,

    We came across your blogposts about Bangalore. We’ll need your consent to reproduce your articles in our paper. Once you do give your permission, our editors will go through your blog and take appropriate blogposts and adopt it to our style-sheet, and publish it. Our focus is on blogposts about Bangalore —about problems/opportunities in Bangalore or living in the city. It could be about everyday events like taking the bus, walking or shopping in Bangalore, etc. If there are any specific write-ups that you want to bring to our attention, do alert us about it.



  4. First of all, let me just say a BIG HUGE HUMONGOUS THANK YOU! I have been hooked onto your blog since a few days, and it has been a wonderful journey to the past, if not an intense crash course about the city that I love. The fact that many are oblivious to the wonders that surround them just makes what people like Mr Suresh Moona and you are doing a wonderful gesture that touches lives of many across the world. So, keep it coming, I guess!

    1. Hey Arun..overwhelmed to be spoken about in the same sentence as the much respected Mr. Moona. Have a long way to go before I even get to follow his footsteps. Am just a Bangalorean who loves what this city used to be and really is and wants to share it. 🙂

  5. I am happy to discover your blog, but wish I knew about it when I was in Bangalore! I also write an India blog and I will add you to my blogroll.

    1. Hi Mariellen, Thank you for writing in. I hope you get to come back to Bangalore again at some time 🙂

  6. Great work man, a real good insight to bangalore. Studied in Christ for 3 years and now again i think that i really have missed a lot of places to go about. Cheers.

    1. Hey Aveek, thanks a tonne! All I can say is, walk about and you will miss nothing 🙂

  7. Suresh Madhavan · · Reply

    I have just inadvertently used a photograph from ATC on FB before seeking your permission and even though I have made sure to mention the picture was borrowed from ATC,I wish to know if I should take the picture down.I am sorry I didn’t check with you first.

    This is such a lovely page and I vastly enjoyed browsing through and I am determined to come back and read it from start to finish.

    Sorry again,ATC.

    1. Hey Suresh Madhavan, thanks for confessing 🙂 do let me know which picture it is and please do add a link back to its original page? Would be great. Look forward to having you on the cloud.

  8. I born in Kalasipalyam, early schooling in Chamrajpet, Grand father had a shop on Avenue Road, eventually moved to Lubbay Masjid Street & Coles Road, did high at RBANMS, worked at Richmond Circle and now living in Melbourne. Can’t be a better Bangalorean than that. This blog is like a dream come true.

    I have my sister who lives in Ibrahim Saheb Street. Can you write something about him? Who was Ibrahim Saheb?

    Btw congratulations & keep it up.

  9. I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog! Great work, you make us all feel like rediscovering our city.

  10. R S Ranjeetha Urs · · Reply

    Am glad I came across your blog! Am delighted and all smiles.

  11. R S Ranjeetha Urs · · Reply

    I have a story to contribute…

  12. Gupta K V · · Reply



    In this magical city called Bangalore / Bengaluru, I, a resident, and a citizen concerned about preserving and nurturing d history of dis great city; I, who can speak in 7 languages, am at a loss of words in conveying my thanks to u for d wonderful work u r doing.

    I wd like to meet u in person, and see how we can work together for dis great city.

    Pls wtsapp me or call me on 96206 93859.

    Dhanyavadhagalu / Dhanyavad / Shukriya


    K V Gupta

  13. Prasanna · · Reply

    Wonderful. It is nice to get connected to Bengaluru again with this blogspot.

  14. Hi Aliyeh I have been trying to contact you for ages I am Gustav Krumbiegel great Grand daughter would love to chat to you

    1. Hi Alyia,

      So happy to hear from you!I’ve replied to you separately, so please do confirm via email if it is the correct mail id! Welcome to the cloud!

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