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SET IN STONE-The Viragallu’s of Bengaluru

Right opposite the Kantheerava Stadium is a painted temple arch tucked between the busy Mallaya Hospital and the swank five star ITC Gardenia hotel. It leads into a secluded square plot where old tamarind trees cast shadows over a modest temple.  “Long ago, this area was just forested land near the Sampige kere (lake)” says the […]

Love is Everywhere

February has always been my favourite month of the year. It’s when the stardust from New Year celebrations and resolutions makes way for spring flowers. Birds speed date in Bengaluru parks and the bees are equally busy. Trees prepare to bloom, the weather is perfect.High above the city, the sky blushes coral pink at sunset. […]

Sudha Chats-Warming Up Winter

After almost two weeks of incessant rain, the city thermostat has dipped to what we Bengalureans might call a deep freeze.  While older residents say this socks and muffler weather reminds them of a time `when we didn’t even have ceiling fans at home’, I tell myself that a cup of hot tea and perhaps a bonda-bhajji […]

A Fiery Spirit-Khilafatwale Hajee Osman Sait

I was standing outside the swank automobile showrooms in India Garage the other day, watching excited owners roll out onto St Marks Road in their ribbon wrapped cars. Many of them swung into the petrol bunk here, to fill up their first full tank. Ironically, the petrol bunk outside this graceful building was where around 1920, […]

Being Street Savvy-Rhenius Street

Rhenius Street begins off Richmond Road at the corner of Baldwin Girls High School (1880) and meanders past temples, the Richmond Town Park, some massive but beautiful banyan trees and the Akkithimmanahalli Tank (now a playground and Hockey Stadium amongst other things) before reaching Nanjappa Circle at the other end. Come walk down with me […]


I’m going to get you a Koshy’s special fried egg sandwich!” says P Oommen Koshy (aka Prem) and disappears into the kitchen. While I wait, I smile at familiar faces, chat with those who stop by and recognise regulars who, like me, have cut their milk teeth in Parade Café (Koshy’s Restaurant) on St.Mark’s Road. […]

Circling the Past-A walk around St.Mark’s Square

“The traffic park at the intersection of Lavelle Road and St.Mark’s Road used to be called the Indian Children’s Park” a friend told me one sunny morning while we were sitting at the Bowring Institute. “A story from my childhood says that when non-British civilians were denied entry into the posh Cantonment clubs at the time, […]

BAIRD BOY-the Scotsman who chased a tiger across Mysore.

On the other side of the high wall that runs down the length of Cubbon Road opposite the RSI (Rajendra Sinhji Institute) towards the Manipal Centre is a set of stone military buildings old Bengalureans call Baird Barracks. They were named after a man whose dramatic life story swung between either being contained within four walls or […]