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Malleswaram Market – Celebrating the harvest

There are just a few tables free but I am informed that the crowd at Halli Mane is less than usual. You can excuse my disbelief because there are people as far as the eye can see all standing elbow to elbow while I wonder if we should we go in and have the Rs.250/- […]

KR Market – The garden is here

” This is not a flower market, it is a garbage dump “says Venkateshwara mournfully in Kannada while sitting cross legged with his friends on an elevated wooden platform outside his flower stall. ” When it rains, it is difficult to sweep up the flowers, so the BBMP vans do only sections of the market each […]

Guest Photographer Series II – Pete People

Walking down Avenue Road in the Bengaluru Pete with Pradyumna Roy and friends. The Pete (pronounced Pay-tay) area is a complex warren of shops, narrow streets, crooked gullies and irrational layouts. If you don’t know your way around, it can be very easy to get lost here indefinitely. The local population however, wander about with […]

Gandhi Bazaar – A feast for the senses

Summer has just left April in favour of May. In her suitcase were also packed a thunder shower or two, some streaks of lightning, a bag of hailstones and a daily dose of drizzles to wash the city clean. Everything looks fresh, damp and green. I love this particular green.  It is the colour of young leaves. Peas in a […]

>The colours of KR Market

> Mum’s the word ! An essential for every rite of passage in India Phuleras at work Vermillion cones that defy gravity Rajnigandhas for a bridegroom `Mallepoo’ for a maiden Flowers strung by hand for your hair Last three pictures courtesy : Fellow traveller – Nisha Thompson

>Crossing the great city divide

> The cows will always come home   The larger Bengaluru Pete area comprised of a market cluster defined by informal geo-social demarcations ( still existing ).These were divisions made not only by occupation ( like the guild system ) but by caste and class because in India occupation and caste are usually conjoined twins. The markets […]

>Standing in Russell Square

> A fusion of styles Standing in Russell Square is not easy. You have to fight for every square inch of space you occupy. In addition, the horns are deafening, the cross yelling between traders endless, and the `look where you’re going or you’ll step into rotten vegetable goo ” caution you have to constantly […]

>From Russell Market to Quadrant Road

> The Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacy  If you happen to be at Shivaji Circle on a week day, do step in to the Ayurvedic and Unani Pharmacy on Meenakshi Kovil Street. As I stood there looking at it, my mind walked back to childhood days when our noses were held hostage by the common cold. My father […]