As a communications professional, there is a tendency to try to put everything down in words, imagery and visuals. Or atleast want to. You will find the link to my work, here.


  1. vishwanag · · Reply

    the tindi(breakfast) blog covers almost all must visits…. now am busy for the next 12 weekends..:) good one

  2. Nandakumar · · Reply

    Love your blog…being a Bangalorean I feel the happiness when I read ur postings…keep doing it…thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 much appreciated.

  3. aliyeh… m glued to my laptop these days… all coz of ur blogs… ur blogs r jus awesome..neva get tired reading them… thanx a ton for such lovely pieces

  4. Raghavendra · · Reply

    Excellent writing and content…Thank You Aliyeh

  5. This blog is a wonderful venture. I have been visiting relatives in Bangalore every year – it’s my mum’s city, and I really find it a wonderful place!

    1. Hi! Glad Bangalore is also home:-)

      1. Indeed, it really is. I miss it a lot throughout the year! 🙂 Which region does Jayamahal Ext fall into?

  6. Dhiman · · Reply

    I have just started reading your blog, did not know it existed.
    I was brought up in Kolkata. I moved to Bangalore in 2008, “Love at first sight” was not the case… but I always wanted to fall in love with Bangalore, once I fell and then the distance increased. But I am optimistic. Why I enjoy reading your article is… it gives me the reason to stay optimistic, to “hold on”. Thank you for sharing your mind.

    1. Hi Dhiman, welcome to the cloud! Thank you for reading:-)

  7. HI
    I just ;loved your piece in the Hindu about ganigars. Request permission to make references it

    1. Hi Ratna, please feel free to do so, thank you for writing in, really appreciate it.Request you to also share the final outcome, if possible via email.

      1. I most definitely will be happy to 🙂

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