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Love is Everywhere

February has always been my favourite month of the year. It’s when the stardust from New Year celebrations and resolutions makes way for spring flowers. Birds speed date in Bengaluru parks and the bees are equally busy. Trees prepare to bloom, the weather is perfect.High above the city, the sky blushes coral pink at sunset. […]

Finding Bengal in our Uru

I was at a Dussehra Puja Pandal celebrating the beautiful martial Goddess Durga last week. It was filled with excited Bengalis and curious non-Bhadralok who eventually jostled together at the food stalls to tuck into plates of Luchi-Cholar Dal, Bhetki fish cutlets and stir fried banana flower. The growing number of Pandals each year point […]

Malleswaram Market – Celebrating the harvest

There are just a few tables free but I am informed that the crowd at Halli Mane is less than usual. You can excuse my disbelief because there are people as far as the eye can see all standing elbow to elbow while I wonder if we should we go in and have the Rs.250/- […]

Bar 1 – Jakkur `Lake Tales’

I am standing in the heart of the crowded city and I can hear bird call. If I am very quiet, I can also hear a soothing wind blow.  Near me is a lily pond with rainbow coloured fish darting busily to and fro in crystal clear water. I can see right down to the bed where aquatic […]

The great Bangalore Breakfast Specials

The world is divided into two types of people. Those who dismiss a proper breakfast and are happy with only cereal or muesli each morning and those who take it very, very seriously. They argue intensely about the mandatory fluffiness for the perfect scrambled eggs, where to buy good sausages, how toasted a toast should […]