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Five times lucky-The Mahatma’s visits to the city

A frail man in a loin cloth stepped out of a train at Yeshwanthapur Railway Station on April 20th, 1927. He walked slowly to where arrangements had been made for community prayers on the station platform with the waiting crowd.  He then proceeded to Nandi Hills, on the advice of his personal physician Dr. Jivaraj […]

The Past in the Present-introducing the Native in the Place

THE PAST IN THE PRESENT’. 27th JULY, 2014. A breakfast-lecture series.

ATC on the Huffington Post

And ATC makes it to the Huffington Post! “Food has certainly moved from the private sphere to more public conversations, allowing up-and-coming individuals and group to display refinement, knowledge, and connoisseurship through their culinary choices. Inevitably the numbers of those who fancy themselves as experts has grown exponentially. However, there are some who write about […]

Bar 1 – Jakkur `Lake Tales’

I am standing in the heart of the crowded city and I can hear bird call. If I am very quiet, I can also hear a soothing wind blow.  Near me is a lily pond with rainbow coloured fish darting busily to and fro in crystal clear water. I can see right down to the bed where aquatic […]